Everything You Need to Know About Empac Susu

Empac Susu is a legally registered and licensed company in Ghana, operating under the official name of Empac – Emperors Susu Enterprise. Established in the vibrant Volta Region, specifically in Akatsi South, this financial institution has been providing a wide range of financial services since its registration on January 19, 2022. Empac Susu is a member of the GHANA CO-OPERATIVE SUSU COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION, an organization appointed by the Bank of Ghana to oversee and regulate Susu companies across the country.

Location and Evolution

Empac Susu has its roots in Akatsi Anyidzime and has since relocated to the Akatsi – Wute Road. You can find their offices on the top floor of a green-painted two-story building, conveniently situated opposite the Demonstration Basic School and the Global Evangelical Church, just behind the Continental Spot, which has now transformed into Empac Restaurant. Empac Susu occupies the upper floor of the same building as Empac - Emperors Academy, which is yet another sister company affiliated with Empac Susu. This building is distinctive for its green paint.

Mission and Goals

Empac Susu has a two-fold mission. Firstly, the company aims to assist individuals, organizations, and businesses in achieving their financial goals by providing them with comprehensive financial services. Secondly, Empac Susu is dedicated to contributing to the eradication of poverty and unemployment in Ghana by offering financial solutions that support economic growth and financial freedom for individuals and businesses alike.

The central mission of Empac Susu is to empower every person and organization within their reach to save and invest wisely while also offering the necessary financial support to help them achieve financial freedom. The company believes that this goal can be accomplished through collaborative efforts, and Empac Susu is committed to working hand in hand with its members to provide the financial support they need.


Empac Susu is open to the general public in the Volta Region of Ghana. Their license limits their operations to the Volta Region, so if you reside in any part of this region, you can become a member of Empac Susu. Their administrative office is situated in Akatsi South municipal, and they have plans to establish additional collection centers in other parts of the Volta Region in the near future.

Empac Susu Products

Empac Susu offers a variety of financial products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their members. These include:

1. Savings:

  • Daily Susu Savings: Clients can contribute any amount daily, with collections made on specific days of the week.
  • Daily Susu: Requires clients to contribute a specific amount daily, with weekly collections.
  • Weekly Susu: Clients nominate a specific weekly contribution for 52 weeks.
  • Group Savings: Tailored for groups with a minimum of 10 members, fostering collective financial growth.

For all their saving packages, members can withdraw their savings at any time without affecting their credit. Continuous savings positively impact their credit scores.

2. Support:

  • Empac Susu provides financial support in the form of cash and kind to deserving members. They also collaborate with sister companies to offer additional assistance when necessary.

3. Investment Opportunities:

  • Empac Susu guides members and provides access to secure and profitable investment opportunities.

4. Financial Advisory:

  • A team of seasoned financial advisors offers personalized financial planning services.

5. Digital Services:

  • Empac Susu offers online and mobile banking services, making banking convenient and accessible for their clients.

Why Choose Empac Susu?

In a region where numerous Susu companies offer a variety of Susu products, Empac Susu distinguishes itself by tailoring its offerings beyond the conventional Susu concept. Empac Susu has embraced digitalization and introduced additional benefits for its members. Below, we outline compelling reasons for choosing Empac Susu:

1.    Financial Inclusivity: Empac Susu is committed to extending financial services to both the informal and formal sectors, ensuring that financial solutions are accessible to all, irrespective of their background.

2.    Mission-Driven: At the core of Empac Susu's operations is a mission to stimulate economic growth and foster financial independence. Clients can trust that Empac Susu is wholeheartedly dedicated to their financial well-being.

3.    Vision for Sustainable Development: With a visionary goal to illuminate the path toward financial self-sufficiency and sustainable development for all sectors in Ghana, Empac Susu actively contributes to societal transformation.

4.    Core Values: Empac Susu's values—empowerment, innovation, integrity, community, excellence in service, and client delight—guarantee that clients receive transparent, ethical, and top-quality financial services.

5.    Customized Financial Solutions: Empac Susu offers a diverse range of financial products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses. These offerings span from savings and advances to investment opportunities.

6.    Savings Culture: Empac Susu fosters a culture of saving through various savings schemes, promoting financial responsibility among its clients.

7.    Investment Guidance: Clients benefit from Empac Susu's guidance and access to secure investment opportunities, facilitating portfolio diversification and financial growth.

8.    Personalized Financial Advisory: Empac Susu boasts a team of seasoned financial advisors who provide personalized financial planning services, empowering clients to make well-informed decisions about their finances.

9.    Sister Company Collaborations: Empac Susu's strategic partnerships with sister companies in various sectors ensure that clients gain access to a wide array of supplementary benefits for both personal and business needs. This collaborative approach creates a network of support and resources that extends beyond financial services.

10.                   Online Accessibility: Acknowledging the importance of convenience in modern banking, Empac Susu offers a user-friendly website (www.empacsusu.com) and is soon launching a mobile app. These digital platforms make it effortless for members to register, log in, and manage their accounts, including deposits and withdrawals, at their convenience. The upcoming mobile app and USSD service will further enhance accessibility.

11.                   Emergency Financial Assistance: Empac Susu distinguishes itself by providing rapid financial assistance to deserving members during unexpected financial crises. This swift support can be a lifeline during challenging times, underscoring their commitment to the well-being of their members.

12.                   Business Support: Empac Susu goes beyond traditional financial services by actively supporting members' businesses, both financially and operationally. This support may include funding for business expansion and various forms of assistance, reinforcing their role as a true partner in their members' entrepreneurial journeys.

By choosing Empac Susu, individuals and businesses in the Volta Region of Ghana gain access to a comprehensive suite of financial services and a partner dedicated to their financial success and well-being.

How to Become a Member of Empac Susu:

Joining Empac Susu is a straightforward process that you can complete from the comfort of your home. Here's how:

1.    Visit Our Website: Go to www.empacsusu.com.

2.    Register as a Client: Click on the "Register as a Client" option at the top of the page.

3.    Fill the Registration Form: Complete the short registration form with your details.

4.    Submit Your Registration: Once you've filled out the form, submit it.

5.    Await Contact: After your registration is received, a representative from Empac Susu will get in touch with you to guide you through the rest of the process.

Alternatively, you can also register for Empac Susu by calling our office line at 0597782140 or 0245448434. Our team will be happy to assist you in becoming a member of Empac Susu so you can start saving and enjoying the many benefits we offer.



Empac Susu Company Background

Empac – Emperors Susu Enterprise is situated in Akatsi, Volta Region, and stands as a beacon of innovation, perseverance, and authenticity in the financial industry. Founded in 2022, the company's mission revolves around promoting financial inclusivity and providing accessible financial services to both informal and formal sectors.

Mission Statement

Empac – Emperors Susu Enterprise's mission is to "Energize economic growth and foster financial independence across the informal and formal sectors through secure, customized, and accessible financial solutions."

Vision Statement

Their vision is to "Illuminate the path to financial self-sufficiency and sustainable development for all sectors in Ghana."

Core Values

At Empac – Emperors Susu Enterprise, our actions and decisions are guided by our foundational pillars:

1.    Empowerment: We believe in unlocking the potential of our clients, fostering their financial independence and self-sufficiency.

2.    Innovation: We continuously strive to reimagine financial solutions, embracing change to deliver services that align with evolving client needs.

3.    Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring transparency, honesty, and fairness in all our transactions.

4.    Community: We recognize the power of unity, cultivating strong relationships within our community, and creating a lasting impact.

5.    Excellence in Service: We strive for nothing less than excellence in our service delivery, setting the standard for customer satisfaction.

6.    Client Delight: Beyond mere satisfaction, we aim to delight our customers at every interaction. We relentlessly pursue the highest standard of service and commitment, treating every client's need as our own, thereby turning financial dreams into reality.

Empac – Emperors Susu Enterprise is more than just a financial institution; it is a dedicated partner committed to the financial prosperity of its clients. By offering a wide array of financial services and adhering to its core values, Empac Susu aims to empower individuals, businesses, and communities in their pursuit of economic growth and financial independence.


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